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I am a sixth year PhD candidate in Computer Science working with Brian Scassellati in the Social Robotics Lab at Yale University. I'm interested in socially assistive robotics, artificial intelligence, computational models of human cognition, and developmental robotics.

My research focuses on developing intelligent, autonomous robots that help humans in social ways. I apply my background in robotics, computer science, and cognitive psychology to design non-verbal communication behaviors that improve human-robot interactions. Applications of my research include robot tutors, robotic therapy tools, and robot home or office assistants.

I have been recognized for my scholarly achievements with awards including a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, a Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship, and a Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship.


26 Mar 2015

I visited my alma mater, Wesleyan University, and sat on a panel about graduate school hosted by Wesleyan Women in Science.

2 Mar 2015

I'm in Portland, OR this week for HRI 2015. I'm presenting a paper about eye gaze in human-robot collaboration at the Workshop on Human-Robot Teaming on Monday.