A group of MyKeepons

MyKeepon Project


If you use our hardware or software files for your own projects, we'd love to hear about it! Send us an email. If you publish a paper using this robot, please cite us as follows:

MyKeepon is an inexpensive toy version of Keepon, a research robot designed for social human-robot interactions. We have modified MyKeepon toys to design a low-cost, open source research platform. This page contains details about our modifications, including the files you need to make your own robot!

Low-cost robot platforms open the possibility for studies investigating human-robot interaction with multiple robots. They also provide a tenable solution for in-home robots and robots that interact with children, which must be inexpensive, robust, and easily repaired. Finally, these modified MyKeepons can be educational tools for people interested in learning about robotics.

View the poster about this project that was presented at the CogSci/AAAI Joint Robot Expo in Quebec City in July, 2014.

We've taken our robots on the road as part of various public displays, interacting with the public as well as with other researchers.

Children and adults play with the MyKeepon Museum display at the World Science Festival, New York City, June 2014

MyKeepons were part of the Yale Social Robotics Lab demo at the Joint CogSci/AAAI 2014 Robotics Expo, Quebec City, July 2014

Our first attempts, which did not involve removing any MyKeepon motors, is detailed here: Original Fix.


We removed the original MyKeepon motors and motor controllers and replaced them with more precise, programmable hobby servos. We connect these new motors to existing structures (like shafts and gears) inside the robot to maintain the built-in motions. All motor control is performed by an Arduino board, which can be connected to a computer to receive real-time commands.

An exploded view of the external hardware components.
The external hardware components include a 3D-printed camera holster (optional), a laser-cut box (optional), a 3D-printed pan base, and a pan servo motor.