The most up-to-date research details are available on the HARP Lab website:

My research bridges autonomous robotics and cognitive science to develop algorithms for robot behavior that are built around the unique cognitive science of human-robot interaction. Using my background in computer science and cognitive psychology, I design, implement, and evaluate robotic systems for providing assistance on complex tasks in human environments. My research uses principles from robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and cognitive science.

In the process of pursuing this vision, I investigate fundamental questions of human-robot interaction, such as:

  • What makes robots appear intelligent, agentic, or capable?
  • How can robots “read” natural human behaviors to understand their human partners’ hidden mental states (such as goals, intentions, and emotions)?
  • Which aspects of human behavior can robots use to communicate their own internal states to people?

Interesting in doing this kind of research? See this information about working with me.